Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sibayak Volcano Overview

Sibayak Volcano
Sibayak Volcano
Sibayak Volcano is a beautiful active volcano located nearby the town of Berastagi, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The summit is 2181 meters above the sea level. It is very easy to climb. This volcanic activity has became a nature attraction since many decades ago.The visitors can climb this small volcano in less than 2 hours from the parking area. Another interesting volcanic activity on this area  is the geothermal activity and natural hot water spring near by the volcano.
Last eruption of Sibayak was recorded more than a century ago. On the summit there are some active noisy fumarole spots. The main crater is the lake crater, it will have water during  the rainy season and dry during the dry season. Sibayak Crater produces small amount of sulfur. In the past, some people mine the sulfur from this small active volcano. 

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